Joan Zarbatany, BA, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

     In various capacities, Joan has been involved in healthcare and wellness all her adult life, from working in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Ayerst Laboratories in Montreal (now Wyeth-Ayerst) helping conduct Phase I and Phase II Clinical Bioavailability studies on new drugs, to being a certified Fitness Instructor, to working at the Cardiac Care Network, the hub of the 17 adult cardiac hospitals in Ontario and advisory body to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. During that time, she also became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) studying at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

     Joan completed extra studies in cancer nutrition in early 2010. Joan's goal is to help people understand the healing power of the body and mind and to help eradicate cancer through patient education and empowerment. Joan has the inner conviction that cancer nutrition makes a difference through an integrative, evidence-based dietary regime based on orthomolecular principles.

     You can contact Joan either by phone (416) 272-4886 or via e-mail at

Integrating Sound Medical Management

with Optimal Nutrition and a Holistic Lifestyle improve the effects and safety of chemo, radiation and surgery reduce or eliminate physical and emotional pain prevent hair loss and organ damage bring back joy and hope, dignity and control, to your life...

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Reactivate Your Body's Magnificent Ability to Heal Itself...


     If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, we have some helpful information for you. This information will help make this process go smoothly for you, and it will place you back in control. If you have had surgery and are being treated with chemo or radiation, then take a moment to review this site. You will learn some remarkable things about yourself and your cancer that will help you along to remission. We support your decisions and will work with you at attaining a lifestyle in a manner that will support remission. Please begin by reading - Triumph Over Cancer.


     Joan Zarbatany offers cancer patients an interactive 6-week program that provides 1 full year of unrestricted follow-up coaching. Clients learn self-care and knowledge on every aspect of cancer treatment accompanied by the latest in research. Doctors have time restrictions and high patient loads and thus are unable to give individual patients the knowledge needed to understand what is happening in their bodies. You will learn how to cope emotionally, physically and spiritually - learning the amazing healing powers behind the mind/body connection for cancer patients. You'll learn about dietary and lifestyle habits that will encourage remission and prevention of recurrence. This program is available to patients everywhere - no matter where you live or receive your medical treatment.


     Despite substantial amounts of capital given yearly to cancer research, there has yet to be a protocol that provides a high curative rate. The two primary therapeutic strategies in cancer have been chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Clinical studies show that toxicity is one of the major deterrents to substantial improvements in cancer management when the two modalities are administered.

     New research is indicating a need for comprehensive therapies that address more than just tumour obliteration. Scientific literature has shown that a reduction in the risk of tumour occurrence can be achieved through the use of nutritional and other natural compounds. Appropriate use of supplemental nutrition along with attention to dietary and lifestyle risk factors comprise the best strategy presently available for the prevention of common types of malignancy.

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